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Hello Fashionistas!

My name is Gabrielle Lawrence, I am a wife and mother of two wonderful boys. I’m a big family girl and love being surrounded by family. Im from Detroit, Mi and currently reside in a suburb of Detroit. At a young age I discovered I had a love for fashion but as I got older I realized that I enjoy making things beautiful whether it was the clothes on my body or the furniture in my home
Suburban Fashionista is a blog dedicated to being a source of inspiration for women and young girls who love fashion, home decor, traveling and family life. Here I give ideas and tips on how to bring beauty into your everyday life!! I started suburban fashionista as an outlet/hobby to talk about all the things I love and enjoy to do!!

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Bosses & Bloggers Link up

The Reason

Bosses and Bloggers link up was created as a way to connect like-minded women and build a “sisterhood.” It is where we can meet up, talk about the challenges we are facing and come up with solutions to fix them. The Link ups are a way to birth collaborations for women and their brands. Bosses and Bloggers also gives us lady bloggers and entrepreneurs a chance to network without worrying about the expense.

With bosses and bloggers link up, I hope to create bonds between women that allow us to work together and create awesome things!

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