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10 holiday traditions To start in 2020


What’s the holidays without a family tradition. Whether you’ve had one for years, you’re just starting one, or you plan to have one with your future family I think it is always something to look forward to and something to look back on with all the memories you make during them. Me and my family have. Few traditions but the longest standing one we have for the holidays is going to the tree farm and cutting down our family Christmas tree for the parental house. I can exactly pinpoint when we actually started this tradition but I do know that I Washington middle school and I’m currently 33 years old.

All the grandkids who get to partake in this tradition and keep it going for many more years

Because family is everything to me and I believe that making family traditions are important I am going to list 10 family traditions that you can use to start building all those memories that you will forever cherish.

10 family holiday traditions

  1. Go to a tree farm and pick out the family Christmas tree
  2. Decorate the Christmas tree together
  3. Build a gingerbread house
  4. Drive around and look at lights at the most decorated neighborhoods or go to a light festival
  5. Have a movie night and watch your favorite or new Christmas movies
  6. Dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters for Christmas dinner
  7. Have a pajama party and open presents on Christmas Eve
  8. Go volunteer at a soup kitchen and donate time to the less fortunate
  9. bake cookies using a family recipe
  10. Go to Christmas service together

  11. *bonus: DIY ornaments for the Christmas tree
Enjoying new movies around the holidays, Jingle Jangle on Netflix

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