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30 Shows to binge watch on Netflix


Let me tell you guys I love my Netflix. I haven’t had cable in years and quite frankly I don’t need it. When we made the switch I knew it was the smartest decision because I couldn’t keep up with shows nor what day and time they came on. Plus let’s not forget about all the money we’d be saving by cutting out cable. 

When the shut down first started I remember everyone on Ig asking what shows to watch. Being in the house majority of the day wasn’t the norm for most ppl so we all needed something to do. I usually rely on my family(sisters and brother)  because we’re all usually watching something different and I trust their recommendations. 

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My favorite shows are one that you can binge watch for weeks and weeks without having to think about what to watch next. I’m not stuck to any one style of show I’m kind of interested in a bit of everything so this list has a little bit for everyone. At least that’s what is like to think.

  1. Always be my maybe 
  2. You 
  3. Dead to me 
  4. Raising Dion
  5. Queen of the South
  6. Sweet magnolias
  7. Project Power
  8. The blacklist 
  9. Jessica Jones
  10. Criminal minds 
  11. Ozark
  12. To all the boys I loved before 1&2 
  13. Gossip girl
  14. Girl boss
  15. The Game
  16. Moesha
  17. Greenleaf
  18. Extraction
  19. Otherhood
  20. Uncorked
  21. The wrong Missy
  22. Falling inn love 
  23. Wine country
  24. Miss Virgina 
  25. Dumplin
  26. Triple frontier 
  27. Irreplaceable You
  28. Love is Blind
  29. Black AF
  30. Dear white people
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