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5 plants you need for your home

Hey Fashionistas! So if you follow me on Instagram, you know that since we’ve been in quarantine I have found a love for plants. At the beginning of the shutdown I had 0 plants and I’m currently up to 12 and steady adding. Before I started my journey I would google house plants trying to find out which ones would be easiest to care for and then which ones I thought would be perfect for me and my house. Through trial and error I wanted to come up with a list for first-time plant moms and what I think is the easiest to not only keep alive but grow.

1. Snake Plant

The first plant I got when I start my plant journey was a snake plant. I love how low maintenance it is. I love that you can go a week or 2 without watering and it won’t die. It’s almost impossible to kill. Bonus: it’s not just pretty it also filters indoor air.

2. Golden Pothos

Another super easy plant to maintain. I also love the draping look so it will look great in a hanging pot but also can sit on any table. It’s super easy to propagate(I have no plans for that currently). Not only is the golden pothos good for aesthetics but it also purifies the air.

3. Mass Cane

It’s beautiful and it reminds me of palm trees. My kids say the same and that’s one of the reasons they love it too. It’s super easy to take care of. I didn’t have a green thumb when I started this plant and if I can keep it alive I know you can too. It’s also the best air purifier, it absorbs lead, and it increases concentration and sharpens focus

4. Zz Plant

This plant is easy to take care of but did you think it would be any different then the others I’ve told you about. It’s is also aesthetically pleasing. The only way to kill it is to overwater it so only water every 1-2 weeks.

5. Money Tree

I love my money tree plant, first of all, I love the braided detail, it just gives it character. Now this tree loves moisture so you will need to water in 1-2x per week. I know how excited we get when we have a new plant so you don’t have to hold back on the watering like you do most plants (don’t let it just sit in the water though). You can put it directly in the sun indoors so if you put it right in front of the window you are good to go.

Now I am no expert when it comes to plants. I have just started my journey. But trust me and believe that if I’m recommending them that you my fashionista can take care of it.

Suburban Fashionista



  • Lyndsey Camille

    I can’t wait to get another pothos plant. I love how quickly and beautifully they grow. I’m currently thinking about adding a small snake plant for my desk area.

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