Getting the perfect picture for Instagram or your blog may seem like an easy task but I have news for you, it isn’t if you are constantly trying to evolve and bring new things to your page. However I’m here to drop a few tips that may help you.

1. Always prepare. Prepare all your outfits down to the earrings you will be wearing. Think about what makeup is going to go well with each outfit change. Prepare for what the weather will be for the day you are shooting

2. Get you a dope photographer. See I was not blessed with a Bae-tographer like some and that’s ok because by hiring the right person they will map out each spot we take pictures. It also includes them Pre asking certain stores or shops if we can have access to using there location. They will also tell you to fix things such as clothes or hair it it appears to be a little off,

3. Practice posing If you practice before you get to the shoot it will help cut back on wasting anytime that you will need getting each look in. Most of my shoots run an hour long. I at least try to get in 3 outfit changes.

4. Communication make sure that what you want out of the shoot is talked about or else you will end up with a bunch of pictures you don’t want or like and can’t even use. It ends up being a waste of time and a waste of money.

5. Undergarments Some things just work better with others. You may need to get that thong that you don’t like wearing on a regular. You may need to invest in a good padded bra. All undergarment decisions need to be made when you try on each piece so each picture comes out looking exactly as you imagine.

*Bonus WEATHER As cold or as hot as the weather may be push through. As you look at each picture you couldn’t tell I was cold but clearly there is snow and it was a frigid day.

Each time you shoot it will be a learning experience. You will learn what you do and don’t want. You will also learn what photographers work best for you but until that you can always ask to see their portfolio.


Distressed denim jacket: TJ Max (click here for similar option)

T-shirt: Target (click here for link)

Skirt: Thrifted

Booties: Forever 21 (click here for link)

Scarf: My grandmother

Happy shooting ? If you have any other tips that can help someone drop them below in the comment section. If you have any questions I’d love to help ❤️ As always


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