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Hey, I’m Gabrielle. I’m a mother, wife, and creative. I have two boys Gabriel and Gavin. I started Suburban Fashionista as a way to talk about my love for fashion. Since then my love for everything lifestyle has grown. So get ready for all the decor talk and style talk. I also have become a plant mom within the last few months to about 12 plants and the number is forever growing b/c I just may be trying to create a mini jungle in my house. Although I am not an expert on plants I want to take you on the journey with me. So of course I’m going to be sharing all the tips and tricks along the way. Last but not least, I am big on family. You can catch me doing many family activities and at the start of each week, I’ll be sitting at the parentals kitchen table with my huge family catching up. With open arms, I hope to share my love of fashion, family, plants, and decor with you.

Hugs and Kisses

Gabrielle C. Lawrence, The Suburban Fashionista

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