As a lifestyle and fashion blogger, I am always looking for an event to attend. It is the best way to meet the people you see on social media and promote your brand. I want to be a source for those looking for information about fashion, events, and lifestyle tips.

I was excited when a brand from my city decided to have a brunch! I am really big on supporting fellow young female entrepreneurs. I didn’t know what to expect. You usually don’t because every event is different. So if your from my city, and want the “411” from this event, keep reading. ?

The event started with a bit of mingling which I honestly didn’t do much of ?. Sad, but very true, I did sit by someone I didn’t know, and I even tried breaking the ice by introducing myself. I’m going to go with….she just wasn’t interested. No big deal though b/c it was time to eat, and the spread was amazing!

The pastry bar was not only super cute, but the spread even look wonderful!The omelet bar had to be my favorite, and oh my it was so delicious! What I ate and I had no complaints.

After everyone got their food and was seated, we got to hear two ladies tell how they started on their paths to entrepreneurship. The first speaker was the owner of “Brooklyn Body Butter.” She shared how her purpose found her, and how she got started. It was very encouraging to see where she was years prior to her starting her business. The main speaker was Angela Whaley. She spoke on how important it is to diversify yourself in business to be able to reach a larger audience. Angela also spoke on how important it is to have a mentor to help with personal growth. She also emphasized that as an entrepreneur you must invest in yourself and bet on yourself. The speakers were wonderful; very transparent and openly offered information and resources that will help us move forward.

Overall, I would give this event 3 out of 5 stars; which isn’t bad being that this is the first event given by Black and Company. The pros were that the food was amazing, the location was very convenient and the decor was awesome. The different vendors were a plus and the speakers were good. I do wish that there would have been more people who supported this event. Therefore, there would have been more people to network with instead of the lady who decided I wasn’t worth a conversation ??.

The real question is “Would I go back? The answer is yes, If I had my “wing (wo) man.” I feel like going to an event with someone else helps you to be more relaxed and comfortable. With all that being said, the event was beautiful and I enjoyed my time!