As I walked down the quiet streets of Birmingham, I had an anxious feeling. I was on my way to the grand opening of the Drybar. I haven’t let many people in my hair since I was 18 years old and I’m now 31.  I’ve not had many stylist deliver the perfect hairstyle, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I made it to the Drybar and everything was beautiful. I was greeted at the door with huge yellow balloons, and as I walked through the door the yellow decorative theme continued throughout the salon. I was welcomed with the best hospitality and immediately offered an assortment of beverages and pastries. From there, I was escorted to the styling station where I met my stylist.

To my delight, this hospitality continued with my stylist. I dropped my belongings at her station and headed to the wash room. She asked me what products I had been using previously, and she chose the products she felt would work best with my hair. To say the least, I was pleased with her choices.  She used the Sake Bomb nourishing shampoo and conditioner.  I was pleasantly surprised that she knew how to handle my “kinky” hair with care.

my stylist ❤️

We returned from the styling station and now I had the chance to browse through the “look” book and show my stylist exactly what I wanted. The experience at the Drybar was amazing! She informed me along the way what products were being used, and which ones were the major keys to my styling experience.

The Drybar was definitely a memorable experience and one I have already recommended to my friends and family! Fashionistas because I love you so much and view you like family, I had to share. I promise you that from beginning to end you will love everything about the Drybar. With the warm welcomes, the amazing hospitality and accommodations you won’t be disappointed!

Now If you fall in love with the Drybar as I did, then you are going to love this awesome program they have. For $80 a month you get 2 blowouts, and if you don’t use them they roll over. You also get a free blowout for your birthday and 10% off any of their amazing products! If you stop by be sure to let them know Suburban Fashionista sent you! ?