1. I am 31 years old

2. I am terrified of cats. Even looking at them freaks me out

3. I absolutely despise the freeway. I think I’ve seen way to many news reports about car pile ups

4. I love trying new food(nothing is exempt)

5. The first time I ever got my eye brows arched I was 18 years old and I had to sneak( I was sheltered and barely allowed to do anything ??‍♀️ I’ll forever be grateful for that)

6. If I’m in a new setting around people I don’t know I can be really shy. I like to study people first before I let them in my space

7. I’ve always been me unapologetically and could careless if people don’t like me. Which to many people that comes off as me being stuck up ??‍♀️

8. I’m nosey, I use to pride myself on knowing everyone in my fams business. I knew where all my older sisters hid their diary and would sneak and read them while they were gone ?? (hey what are little sisters for ??‍♀️)

9. I am super sarcastic but I tend to tone it down for some people because I would hurt their feelings

10. When I was younger and got bad progress reports I would forge my moms signature

*Bonus: I can be “selfish” or at least I’ve been told. I don’t really care to share with others(especially if it’s something I really want)

Are you at all interested in what I wore? Well here goes, the shoes were purchased from a blogger boo. She decided she couldn’t do the heels so I was happy to take them off her hand for a small price. The skirt is J.Crew and was thrifted for the low low ?. The turtleneck is from my favorite online store Shein. The headband is from Forever21 and I’ve now realized I need it in every color.