We live in a time where our appearance to the next person is more important then the actual truth of what is really going on. We portray these perfect lies where everything we showcase is a perfect picture of our lives, whether it be on social media or around our peers.


Why is it so hard for us to live in our truth and get the help that we need? Why do we feel the need to showcase this perfect lie and allow our situation to struggle even longer as opposed to getting the help that we need? Many times we wait till it gets so bad, that when we do try to get help, it’s too late!

I recall when I first got married in 2012 not shortly after my son was born. It truly wasn’t the easiest time for me. I was learning not only how to be a wife, but also a mother, all at the same time. I made it a mission of mine not to always post the “fluff” pictures of this perfect family. Nothing was perfect about it. What I did do is I always tried to remain honest with myself and stay vocal. I can sometimes shy away from a confrontation. But for the most part, we are very vocal to each other about how we feel. Still to this day we are not perfect but the thing that’s makes this relationship doable is never living in a lie or portraying that we are perfect. I openly vent to ones I am close to who I know won’t past judgement and that allows me to live in my truth and work on problem areas.

What can you do to live your truth and stop living this perfect lie?

1. Seek a counselor

2. Don’t hold it in be vocal by journaling

3. Always be honest with yourself

4. Stop worrying about what others think

If you ever need someone to talk to know I am an available ear. If you are looking for a therapist you can locate information on the back of your insurance card. As well as google is your friend and if your a black lady like me search, therapist for black girls.

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