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Navigating Swim Lessons during a Pandemic

Do you know what’s scary? Fear of the unknown. When COVID-19 became very serious and everything was shut down, that left the kids with not much to do. Their regular routines were drastically changing and with that change came swimming lessons coming to a stop.

My children have been attending Gold Fish Swim in Farmington Hills since the beginning of 2019 so to not have that as part of their schedule made me worried that they may lose some of the skills and training they had learned.

At the end of June, I had received a call that lessons would be returning in July. Just as soon as excitement set in so did the fear of the unknown. You worry about if all precautions are going to be taken and if you’re putting your child in harm’s way. During the phone call, they inform you that you will be responsible for reading over the new guidelines and signing those forms.

A lot of my worries were put at ease because many things I was worried about were addressed (I.e class sizes would be smaller, the number of classes being held at one time would be cut down, only one parent would be allowed to accompany a child in lessons). This is a scary time and the last thing you want is your child getting sick.

Here are a few tips for any parent wanting to continue or start swim lessons.

  • Try to come to swim lessons already dressed (if the weather permits).
  • Don’t allow your children to touch any door handles(🤷🏾‍♀️ A lot of germs are on door handles).
  • Wait till it’s time for swim lessons to start before you head into class.

Below I’m going to list what steps Goldfish Swim is implementing to ensure our children are safe.

  • Health Assessments: Prior to entering, members will be asked to self-assess their health and the health of their children. If anyone is not feeling well, has a fever, shortness of breath, or any COVID-19 like symptoms, or has been directly exposed to COVID-19, they are to cancel their lesson and makeup lessons will be credited to their accounts. Team members will also be evaluated with a health assessment upon arrival for each shift.
  • Protective Equipment: Face masks are strongly encouraged in all schools – for both members and team members – and will be required for entry were recommended by state and local health authorities.
  • Social Distancing: Members are being asked to maintain social distance from one another in the parent viewing area. Chairs in the viewing area will be set up to reflect state and local recommendations. Children will also be seated at a safe social distance from one another in the pool during lessons, where required. Instructors will also maintain social distance from children where applicable, but will absolutely assist swimmers as needed to provide a safe swimming experience.
  • Increased Facility Cleaning and Sanitization Stations: There is increased attention to high traffic areas and commonly touched facility elements. Schools will also continue to provide antibacterial hand soaps and hand sanitizer, with increased availability in key areas of the facility.
  • Removal of Commonly Shared Amenities: Shared amenities such as books and toys, hairdryers, hair products, quarter candy, and in some cases, retail items, will be temporarily removed to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. If members need something to purchase for lessons, the front desk will be able to assist.

These are scary times due to fear of the unknown however I feel that Goldfish Swim is taking all the necessary precautions to ensure every family is safe.

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